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Every year a huge number of students register for this exam to get their dream institutes to establish their bright career in the management discipline. It takes a minimum of 4-5 months for dedicated preparation. It requires the best preparation strategy to crack it with a good score. The candidates should follow the tips as suggested by toppers and experts to score well in this examination. In this article, we are going to discuss the effective MAT 2022 preparation tips, so refer to the full article.

  • Before starting to prepare for MAT 2022 candidates need to understand the exam pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, important books, etc. well. It gives an idea to make a roadmap of your preparation.
  • Divide the sections into proper time slots as your study timetable and give equal time to all the sections. Cover the whole syllabus strategically by following the expert's tips. Give more time to tough sections and less time to easy and prepared sections.
  • MAT exam comprises 5 sections namely Mathematical skills, Language Comprehension, Data Analysis, and Interpretation, General Intelligence, and Critical Reasoning, and Indian and Global Environment carrying 40 marks each. Candidates need to solve 200 questions in 150 minutes. It requires good speed and accuracy to score good marks in the examination.
  • As per the expert's analysis and previous year trends, the Mathematical skills section is the toughest section in MAT and requires more practice and time while language comprehension, Intelligence, and Critical Reasoning are comparatively easier and it takes less time to prepare. But it completely depends on the level of students.
  • You need to analyze your strong and weak sections and divide time shots as per your convenience. Here are some important preparation tips which help to crack this exam with a good score.

MAT 2022 Preparation Tips

MAT is considered as one of the toughest exams in the country which requires a good preparation strategy and tips to crack with good scores. The aspirants should follow the tips of experts and toppers to plan their preparation well. It needs more and more practice and accuracy. Some important tips for MAT 2022 preparation are mentioned below.

  • Understand Exam Pattern and Syllabus - Candidates need to understand the exam pattern and syllabus of MAT 2022 to plan their preparation in the right way. It is a very important step that gives a complete idea to students to crack the exam.
  • Make Good Study Timetable - After analyzing the exam pattern and syllabus you need to make an effective timetable of study as your choice. The timetable should be effective and not be very punctual. Take a break for some time after studying every section. You can take some rest and then go to study. It refreshes your mind and you become more energetic for better study.
  • Consistency - Consistency is the key to success. During preparation for the exam, you need to become consistent and do hard work as per the requirement of the exam. Don't be distracted and stressed during preparation because it is a waste of your valuable time. You can crack the exam by studying less but making consistency.
  • Make Short Notes - Make the short handwritten notes of every section to mug up the whole syllabus in less time. It helps to remember the whole section effectively. You can use flow charts and colored pens to prepare short notes. It will help to clear your doubts about any particular topics also. It's also a key to cover the whole syllabus well in the minimum time.
  • Maintain your Health - During preparation for the exam, you need to maintain your physical health. Take proper sleep and eat nutritious food to become fit and energetic. You should do exercise and run in the morning to become physically fit. You can follow meditation also for better concentration and a healthy mind. Don't take the stress and become confident.
  • Follow your Hobby - You should follow your hobby during preparation time to become healthy and energetic. It releases your stress and makes your mind calm and relaxed. Giving some time slots to follow your hobby is necessary for better performance.
  • Revision is mandatory - You need to make proper revisions of all the sections to perform well in the exam. Revision is very important to cover the whole syllabus in minimum time with good remembering skills. You can take the help of your short notes for revision.
  • Attempt Mock Tests - After competing for the syllabus you need to attempt mock tests regularly. It helps to analyze your preparation level and also helps to identify your strong and weak sections. Analyze your score in the mock test and plan your further preparation by giving more time to weaker sections. It will enhance your marks in the final examination.
  • Confidence - Confidence is very important to crack any exam with a good score. You should be confident with your preparation and don't be stressed and panic during preparation. Don't get motivated with your marks in the mock, it affects your performance.

You can crack the MAT 2022 exam with a good score by following all these MAT preparation tips. So follow all the tips and enhance your performance.

MAT 2022 Monthly Preparation Plan

The candidates should give at least 3 months for dedicated preparation for the MAT exam. If you are a serious aspirant and want to crack this exam with a good score you can follow this preparation plan dedicatedly. Here is the 3 months MAT targeted study plan.

MAT 2022 First Month Preparation Plan

  • First, understand the exam pattern and syllabus well and analyze previous year's question papers to get an idea about the section-wise weightage.
  • Target to cover at least half the syllabus in the first month by following the short notes and crash course.
  • Give more time to important chapters and topics which have more weightage in the exam.
  • Make short notes and revise them many times. You can join the crash course of any mentor.
  • Read the newspapers and current affairs magazines regularly to enhance your score.
  • Attempt a mock test weekly to analyze your preparation level.

MAT 2022 Second Month Preparation Plan

  • In this month complete your remaining syllabus by clearing all concepts. Mug up the whole syllabus this month.
  • Practice all the exam-oriented questions of all the sections and calculate the time required for all the questions. Try to increase speed and accuracy.
  • Cover all the difficult parts of all the sections. Mark the questions in which you have doubts then clear the doubt using the book and the internet.
  • Attempt at least two mock tests in a week and analyze your score in the mock. Try to increase your score by practicing the questions more and more.

MAT 2022 Third Month Preparation Plan

  • It's time to give the final touch to your preparation. Revise many times to boost your remembering skills.
  • Practice the DI and Caselet based questions and also practice questions of critical reasoning.
  • Attempt mock tests daily and enhance your performance. Mark out the mistakes done in mock and work to remove them.
  • Solve previous year's questions.
  • Don't be stressed and panic, be confident with your preparation and hard work.

Section-wise MAT Preparation 2022

As we know in the MAT Exam a total of 5 sections are asked. It contains 40 questions from each section and a total of 200 questions need to be solved in 150 minutes. It's necessary to give equal time to all the sections. The section-wise preparation plan for MAT 2022 is mentioned below.

  • For the language comprehension section, you need to improve your reading skills, grammatical understanding, and basic concepts. You should practice reading comprehension more and more to improve your reading skills.
  • For the Mathematical skills section, you need to learn the concepts well and practice more and more questions. Revise all the formulae and concepts and practice more to improve Data Analysis and Sufficiency.
  • For the Intelligence and Critical Reasoning section practice previous year's questions and brush up on your concepts and logical ability.
  • For the General Awareness and Environmental section, you can refer to the online platforms and books to cover in minimum time.

MAT 2022 Preparation Tips: Important Topics

Subject Important Topics
Mathematics Profit & Loss,Speed, Time & Distance,Percentage,Time & Work,Algebra,Permutation & Combination,Ratio & Proportion,Average,Geometry,Number Systems,Quadratic Equations,Venn diagrams,Alligation,Mensuration
Data Analysis & Sufficiency Graphs and Charts,Data sufficiency,Data comparison,Caselet
Intelligence & Critical Reasoning Blood Relations,Syllogisms,Direction-sense Test,Statements –Assumptions,Fact –Inference –Judgement,Seating Arrangement,Statements –Arguments, Ranking, Analogies,Coding-Decoding, Puzzles, Critical Reasoning

Last Minute Preparation Tips for MAT 2022

On the last day of your exam, you need to follow some important tips to perform well in the exam. At this time aspirants feel exam pressure and fear. So follow these tips to crack the exam with a good score.

  • Revise your notes - It is time to revise your notes last time. Give more time to revise difficult topics only. The topics you prepared well need not to be revised again and again. It saves your time.
  • Don't Study New Topics - It is the time to collect all the things you have already learned. You should not go to learn new topics at this time because it creates more burden and you lose your time. It creates unnecessary doubts in your mind that you should avoid studying new topics at this time.
  • Improve your Speed and Accuracy - In this time you can improve your speed and accuracy by practicing questions and topics more and more. You can take mock tests to analyze your speed and accuracy well.
  • Don't study on Exam Day - You should avoid studying on exam day. It creates confusion in the mind and you become stressed. You should be confident with your preparation and make your mind calm to perform well in the exam.
  • Take Enough Sleep - You should take proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours last night before the exam. Take a proper diet and become relaxed and confident for the exam.
  • Don't Make Inconvenience - You should not make any inconvenience on the exam day. You should reach the exam city before one day and stay near your exam center to avoid any inconvenience to reach the exam center on time. You can book a cab or take a bus to reach the exam center without any inconvenience.

Best Recommended Books for MAT 2022

You can crack the MAT 2022 exam with a good score by referring to standard books. These books will help you a lot to cover the whole syllabus as per exam patterns and practice questions to boost your preparation. Some best-recommended books for MAT 2022 are mentioned below.

Section Name of Book Author/Publisher

Language Comprehension 
CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Gautam Puri
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

Mathematical Skills
Quantitative Aptitude Dr. R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Sarvesh Verma
A Complete Manual for CAT Knowledge System

Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Data Analysis and Interpretation Data Sufficiency Kiran Publication
How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for MAT  Arun Sharma
Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency Ananta Ashish

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning 
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT Nishit Sinha
General Intelligence and Reasoning Ability Arihant Publication
Analytical & Logical Reasoning For CAT & Other Management Entrance Tests Peeyush Bharadwaj
Indian and Global Environment  The Mega Yearbook Disha Experts 
MAT General Complete Guide For Mat And Other Mba Entrance Exams Disha Experts

MAT 2022 Mock Tests

A mock test is very important to check your preparation level. You can plan your further preparation by analyzing your score and performance in the mock test. You can take an online test series for MAT 2022 and also take offline practice sets of the top authors.

You can take test series of Testbook.com, Arihant Publication Practice sets, Adda247 test series, Oliveboard test series, Unacademy test series, etc. for your better performance in the exam.

MAT Sample Papers PDF Links
MAT Indian & Global Environment SAMPLE PAPER Download
MAT Mathematical Skills SAMPLE PAPER Download

MAT Preparation 2022 FAQs

Que.1 How Can I score good marks in MAT 2022?

Ans - First you need to understand the exam pattern and syllabus of MAT well and then plan your preparation well. You can score good marks in MAT 2022 with the right strategy and hard work.

Que.2 How much time is required to cover the whole syllabus of MAT 2022?

Ans - The syllabus of MAT is vast and lengthy. It takes more time to cover the full syllabus of all the sections. Hardly it takes 3 to 4 months to cover the whole syllabus. It depends on the students, it can be covered in 2 months also.

Que.3 How can I choose a mode of study for MAT 2022 preparation?

Ans - You can choose the mode of study for MAT 2022 preparation at your convenience. If you are comfortable in online mode you can opt for it and if you want to study in physical classes you can go for offline classes also. But now online more is most preferable because it takes minimum fees and quality content which can be available at home.

Que.4 How many sections are asked in the MAT 2022 exam?

Ans - MAT exam includes 5 sections namely Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Intelligence, and Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, and Indian and Global Environment.

Que.5 How many questions are asked in MAT 2022?

Ans - In the MAT 2022 exam there are a total of 200 questions asked from a total of 5 sections and a time duration of 150 minutes is provided to attempt the question paper.

Que.6 Can I crack MAT 2022 by self-study?

Ans - Sure, you can crack the MAT with self-study also. You need to study effectively and do more hard work. You can score good marks in MAT 2022 with self-study also. Along with self-study, you can take the help of Youtube to enhance your preparation.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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