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IIT JEE Main Study Material: NTA will soon release an updated schedule for the upcoming JEE Main 2021 examination on its official website. The engineering entrance exam which is usually conducted in January has been postponed. The change in the JEE Main 2021 schedule comes as an aftereffect of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As not many days are left for the main JEE exam 2021, the aspirants need to speed up so as to finish the syllabus on time.

  • Candidates should practice from the best available JEE Main Study Material.
  • Being an important engineering exam, JEE Main is considered the most competitive one after 12th with nearly 10 lakh applicants every year.

There has been no prescribed standard for JEE Main Study material, however, there are a large number of reference booksmock test papers and preparation portals available that can be relied upon by JEE Main aspirants. Below article emphasizes some good and accessible study material useful for JEE Main preparation.

Things to Keep in Mind while Gathering JEE Main Study Material

JEE Main study material must be selected wisely. Improper planning often leads to confusion and inefficiency.

Don’t forget to study from the class notes

  • To prepare for JEE Main 2021, take proper notes from coaching classes.
  • It is advisable to note down all the important information from the classroom.
  • Use notes to clear concepts of the foundation subjects.

Reference Books

Wisely select books for JEE Main preparation using the following points:-

  • Opt for latest editions as they follow the most recent JEE Main exam pattern
  • Try to cover NCERT textbooks first.
  • Never overdo with textbooks and just select the specific ones.
  • JEE Main aspirants must select JEE Main 2021 study material with loads of solved and unsolved practice papers.

Previous Year Question Papers

  • Try to solve more and more JEE Main previous year question papers to enhance knowledge on the JEE Main exam pattern.
  • Candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses by solving regular JEE Main practise papers.
  • This also helps in improving time management skills.

Online Tutorials

  • JEE Main applicants can rely on multiple online resources available.
  • The Internet houses various tutorials, lectures, important tips, topic-wise preparation, online classes etc. for students preparation.
  • Online resources allow one to download JEE Main study materials pdf from home itself.
  • There are several online sites for preparation and clearing doubts related to JEE Main 2021.

Online Test Series

  • Once a candidate covers JEE Main syllabus, it is advisable to attempt several mock tests.
  • There are several coaching centres that provide All India Test Series enabling students to understand JEE Main exam pattern in a better way.
  • Aspirants can also subscribe to an online test series to gain access to different subjects.
  • Soon, NTA will officially release JEE Main mock tests and sample papers for better JEE Main 2021 exam preparation.

Formulae Handbook

  • Owing to vast JEE Main syllabus, it becomes difficult to remember everything in one go.
  • In order to ease the learning process, students can prepare a formula handbook for revision.
  • Before entering the exam hall, one just needs to go through the important formulae from the handbook.

Revision with Short Notes

  • JEE Main aspirants are advised to prepare short notes consisting of important formulas, important topics and other important information for quick revision.
  • Short notes prove to be useful in the last few days of examination.

JEE Main examination is a competitive exam that requires adequate and appropriate resources along with hard work and subject knowledge. Therefore, try to refer to the best available reference books and JEE Main Study Material 2021.

JEE Main Study Material – Important Books

Every JEE Main exam aspirant will think about the choice of references for exam preparation. When it comes to JEE Main Study Material, the first thing that clicks in mind is BOOKS. Therefore, the below list indicates few of the best available books for JEE Main preparation:

Physics Important Books

Book Author
Concepts of Physics-Part I HC Verma
Concepts of Physics- Part II HC Verma
Physics Practice Book for JEE Main and Advanced DC Pandey
Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov
Physics for JEE (Main and Advanced) – Vol 1 and Vol 2 Resnick, Halliday, Walker

Chemistry Important Books

Book Author
Organic Chemistry Robert T. Morrison and Robert N. Boyd
Concepts of Organic Chemistry O.P. Tandon
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
GRB Numerical Chemistry P. Bahadur
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee

Mathematics Important Books

Book Author
IIT Mathematics M.L. Khanna
Degree Level Differential Calculus A Das Gupta
Mathematics for Class 11 and 12 R.D. Sharma
Objective Mathematics for JEE R.D. Sharma
Problems in Calculus of One Variable I.A. Maron
Higher Algebra Hall and Knight

JEE Main Study Material: How to Prepare Notes?

For JEE Main 2021 aspirants, study material and reference books are the best companions that aids in quick revision and learning. Also, try not to make lengthy notes or too short ones. Features of good notes are:

  • Compact and easy to understand.
  • Neat and tidy.
  • Must be precise and structured.
  • Must include important formulae, tricks and shortcuts.

Tips to Make Notes

Following are the few tips on how to make your revision notes for JEE Main 2021:

Make your notes

  • JEE Main aspirants are advised not to copy or borrow notes.
  • Notes may be prepared by any approach according to one’s wish and understanding.
  • Preparing study notes also helps in better understanding of the subject.

Keep everything handy

  • If possible, prepare JEE Main study notes on loose papers.
  • Combine these loose papers in a file in an arranged manner.
  • Such a way of making notes helps in proper revision before the exam.

Avoid making notes in the first reading

  • Making notes after first reading usually results in a mess as almost the entire chapter is highlighted.
  • After the first reading, aspirants should only focus on understanding the concepts.
  • Notes should be prepared after the second or third reading.

Highlight the crucial points

  • This is as per an individual’s understanding and choice.
  • Select different coloured highlighters for marking points.
  • For example, you can mark the concepts in yellow and important formulas in red.

Use Sticky Notes

  • JEE Main syllabus is vast and requires time to complete.
  • At times, there can be considerable gaps before you come back to the same chapter that makes learning a bit difficult.
  • Sticky notes are useful under such circumstances.
  • Just write down important points on these notes and stick it on the corner of relevant pages that helps in the easy recall.

Make a note of your mistakes as well

  • Often there are difficult questions while solving JEE Main Mock Tests and Previous year Papers.
  • JEE Main aspirants must keep track of such questions in notes.
  • Just revise these questions before the JEE Main 2021 exam.

Free Video Lectures for JEE Main 2021 Aspirants

  • Last year, NTA recently came up with the idea of free content-based video lectures at their official website.
  • Such video lectures are formulated by IIT experts.
  • These lectures help to prepare candidates for the graduate-level engineering exam especially for those who can’t afford coaching institutes.
  • These videos can be beneficial for learning and revising for JEE Main 2021.

How to Access these Video Lectures

These video lectures can be accessed using the following steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the “Students” tab.
  • Click on the link “Video lectures by [IIT Pal]”.
  • You will be directed to the page containing the name of different subjects.
  • Choose the video lecture by clicking on the subject.

Mathematics Video Lectures

  • JEE Main exam preparations for mathematics requires proper understanding of concepts and a lot of practice.
  • The video lectures on the NTA site helps in doubts clearing.
  • Also, video lectures for JEE Main exam contain discussion of a number of problems and solutions from each of the topics.

Physics Video Lectures

  • Physics is considered a tough subject in terms of JEE Main Preparation.
  • Often students are confused on several concepts.
  • Online video lectures on JEE Main physics aids in concept clearing from basic to an advanced level.

Chemistry Video Lectures

  • The chemistry section is simpler than physics or maths if a candidate is aware of basic concepts especially in the reaction mechanism, the structure of compounds and exceptions in the periodic table.
  • Such video lectures help in strengthening these concepts.

JEE Main Study Material: Android apps for Preparation

JEE Main aspirants can utilise several apps available for better learning. The apps have benefits like::

  • Cost-effective and economical.
  • Accessible.
  • Time-saving.

It is however recommended not to use such resources as a sole source of preparation but as an additional source.

Following are the top Android Apps for JEE Exam Preparation

Unacademy Learning App

  • It is one of the topmost learning platforms in India especially for JEE Main exam preparation
  • The app includes free lectures on various subjects directly from exam toppers
  • These lectures are absolutely free.
  • JEE Main 2021 aspirants can interact with educators via comment section.
  • It not only helps in JEE Main preparations but also for other medical, engineering, and state-level competitive exams.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4.7/5
Downloads 1,00,000+
Developer Unacademy
Size 3.53
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unacademyapp&hl=en


  • It is one of the highest-rated apps for JEE Main 2021 preparation.
  • The app offers a comprehensive learning solution for students who are preparing for JEE MAINS and other competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS, and JIMPER, etc.
  • An important aspect of the app is its organized and structured learning resources and personalized preparation interface.
  • Topper allows a candidate to set learning goals and achieve them in a stipulated time frame.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4.4/5
Downloads 5,00,000+
Developer Toppr
Size 7.71 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=haygot.togyah.app&hl=en

JEE Mains, AIEEE & JEE Advanced

  • The application is a plethora of all previous year question papers of JEE Main/AIEEE and their solutions.
  • It covers question papers of the past twelve years with solutions.
  • The importance of Previous Year Papers for JEE Main preparation is inevitable, therefore, the app offers a platform to test one’s preparations in accordance with JEE Standards.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4.2/5
Downloads 50,000+
Developer DigiBook Technologies Pvt Ltd
Size 7.82 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kopykitab.jee&hl=en

Smart Test: IIT JEE Main Exam

  • The app makes JEE Main preparations smart and effective.
  • It offers an interactive learning experience.
  • JEE Main 2021 aspirants can test their preparation level by taking tests and quizzes.
  • These quizzes are sourced from different sources like NCERTs, JEE Previous Papers, and Mock papers.
  • The app covers a wide variety of questions for JEE Main.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4.2/5
Downloads 5,000+
Developer Chandan Kumar
Size 2.32 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.csv.eng_IIT&hl=en

JEE Main Prep

  • The app offers an overview of the entire preparation cycle including JEE Main syllabus based mock tests from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • These tests are free of cost and can be accessed any time.
  • The app also offers question banks for all the three subjects.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4/5
Downloads 50,000+
Developer MingleBox
Size 3.80 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minglebox.android.aieeeprep&hl=en

IIT JEE Preparations and Coaching

  • The app is a one-stop guide for students who wish to prepare from the beginning for the JEE Main exam.
  • It offers live classes from subject experts that clear concepts.
  • Good quality study materials are provided to students.
  • The app allows you to track the progress of learning and highlights topics that require attention.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4.0/5
Downloads 10,000+
Developer Meritnation
Size 10.63 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meritnation.jee&hl=en

PCM Formulas

  • The app enables access to a collection of all formulas, equations, theorems and postulates for faster revision.
  • Time is saved as candidates need not make notes for these formulas and equations separately.
Particulars Details
Ratings 4/5
Downloads 10,000+
Developer MS Development
Size 10.50 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/appsil/details?id=msdevelopment.pcmformulas&hl=en

IIT JEE Formulae & Notes

  • The app is available free of cost.
  • It provides access to learn and revise important theorems, formulas, and equations.
  • The app aids in better revision according to the updated JEE Main exam pattern
  • This app has an easy user-friendly interface, short and crisp notes, pointwise format, illustrative explanations, and compatibility.
Particulars Details
Ratings 3.9/5
Downloads 1,00,000+
Developer Meritnation
Size 3.65 MB
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meritnation.jeenius&hl=en

Online JEE Main 2021 Study Material

There are a ton of online JEE Main study materials for aspirants. Some are free of cost while others need some amount to be paid for access. Few of them are listed below:

  • Free IIT Coaching:
    • This portal helps JEE Main aspirants with all required materials for JEE Main Preparations.
  • Check Toppers Interview:
    • Toppers’ interviews available on the internet can be very helpful in staying pumped up while preparing for JEE Main.
  • Teko Classes:
    • Teko classes provide study material classified by topics of all the subjects for IIT JEE preparation.
    • This is absolutely free of cost.
    • The students can access video lectures on the website.
  • NDLI Website:
    • The National Digital Library of India is a repository of study material and information.
    • The official site ndl.gov.in has topic wise tutorials and practice questions free of cost.

JEE Main Study Material: Online Coaching Portals

Online coaching centres provide the latest JEE Main Study Material prepared by the experts and toppers. Below are some of the online coaching portals that can help with JEE Main Preparations:


  • Detailed videos based on the JEE Main 2021 pattern.
  • 24/7 video access.
  • Student-friendly teaching environment.
  • Experienced Faculty.
  • Materials are available online or in hard drive.
  • It is free of cost.


  • Video lectures from basic to advanced level.
  • More than 1000 chapter-wise Online Test series with more than 50,000 questions.
  • Material available online or in the hard drive, USB, etc.
  • Fees: INR 16,500.

BYJU’S Classes

  • Materials explaining all the basic concepts.
  • Classroom videos and All India Test Series.
  • Useful Techniques to solve the answers quickly.
  • Course valid for 2 years.
  • Trial week available.
  • Fees: INR 30,000.

Bansal Classes

  • Practice questions available after every chapter.
  • More than 75000 questions with different difficulty levels with video solutions.
  • JEE Main Study Material can be accessed on the application round the clock.
  • Benchmark test to compare an individual’s performance with previous JEE toppers.
  • Fees: INR 11,300.

Aakash iTutor

  • Video Lectures of more than 1500 hours.
  • Active platform for Doubt-clearing.
  • More than 200 e-books, chapter tests, All India Aakash Test series.
  • Free Online trial.
  • Fees: 30,000 – 40,000 INR.

Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2021

  • Understanding core concepts
    • Candidates must make concepts clear to clear JEE Main 2021 examination.
    • It is advisable to begin from scratch and study the basic concepts thoroughly.
    • Understanding the concepts aids in making preparation more effective and timely.
  • Understanding the exam pattern
    • According to the new JEE Main 2021 Exam Pattern, the exam will be conducted in three papers, B.E. / B.Tech, B.Arch and B.Planning.
    • Paper 1 will have 75 questions on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
    • Each section will have 25 questions – 20 MCQs and 5 numerical-value questions.
    • Paper 2 will have 77 questions divided into three sections Mathematics, Aptitude and Drawing test.
    • The next Paper 3 will have a total of 100 questions.
  • Maintain a study schedule
    • The syllabus is vast for JEE Main 2021 hence preparation needs to be at a faster pace.
    • One needs to prepare for JEE Main exam and 12th board exams simultaneously.
    • A strict and effective study schedule is mandatory.
    • JEE Main toppers who have scored 100 percentile have also emphasized on the importance of maintaining a study schedule.
  • Time management:
    • Time management helps in creating a balance between JEE Main and Board exams along with routine activities.
  • Imbibing confidence:
    • JEE Main aspirants are advised to stay positive and balanced. Concentrate on simpler topics first to gain confidence.
  • Devising a smart preparation plan:
    • Prepare flashcards and cheat sheets to revise formulas. Focus on quality of learning rather than quantity.

I hope this article on JEE Main Study Material is helpful for your preparation. All the best for the exam!


Q.Which was the most difficult paper in JEE Main 2020?

Answer: To know about the difficulty level of JEE Main 2020, you can check the JEE Main 2020 paper analysis.

Q.Can I complete my revision for JEE Main 2021 in 1 month?

Answer: Yes, you can prepare for JEE Main 2021 in 1 month.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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