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VITEEE Cut Off 2021: Closing Ranks For VIT Campuses In India

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Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (also known as VIT Vellore) is a private deemed university in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. VIT Vellore holds the VITEEE every year for B.Tech entry. For the previous year, VIT has issued a VITEEE Cut Off rank (based on Class 12 scores) to admit its students. VIT does not accept JEE Main or JEE Advanced scores for admission.

  • However, VITEEE 2021 was successfully conducted on 28, 29, and 31 May, 2021. A re-exam was also conducted on June 10, 2021 for those who missed the exam.
  • The exam was conducted through the Online Remote Proctoring System.
  • VITEEE 2021 results were declared on June 10, 2021. Students are now required to fill their preferences for campus and seat allocation will be done based on the same.

The following is a general cutoff rank for some highly aspired engineering branches:

B.Tech Branch Cutoff Rank
CSE 8,000
CSE with specialization in Bioinformatics 12,000
CSE with other specialisations 16,000
IT 9,000
ECE 16,000

VITEEE 2021 Cut Off: Important Dates

Events Dates 
VITEEE 2021 28-31 May, 10 June
Declaration of VITEEE result 12 June, 2021
Cutoff Marks for the VITEEE 2021 To be notified
Commencement of Counselling To be notified

VITEEE Cut Off 2021 Factors

The following factors will be considered when assessing the VITEEE 2021 Cut Off marks:

  • VITEEE examination difficulty level
  • Number of applicants.
  • Trends in VITEEE cutoffs from previous years
  • The total number of seats available for entry

Details Regarding VITEEE Cut Off 2021

  • The VITEEE cutoff marks for previous sessions have not been issued by the authorities.
  • This year, however, the Vellore Institute of Technology will announce the cutoff marks that must be met to be admitted.
  • Candidates will get an idea of their chances of getting into VIT B.Tech courses by looking at previous VITEEE cutoffs.
  • VITEEE 2021 cutoffs will be published separately for each engineering stream, with higher and lower cutoffs based on candidate preferences.
  • Candidates with a score of 118 or higher would most likely be put in the 1-250 range.
  • Candidates with marks of less than 31 are predicted to receive a ranking of 20,000 or lower.
Marks obtained in VITEEE 2021 Opening Rank Closing Rank
118 + 1 250
113 – 117 251 500
90 – 113 501 2,500
81 – 90 2,501 5,000
72 – 81 5,001 6,500
60 – 72 6,501 8,500
43 – 60 8,501 11,000
31 – 43 14,001 20,000
Less than 31 20,001 Last rank

How is the VITEEE Cut Off Determined?

  • The candidates’ rank in the VITEEE 2021 entrance exam is calculated using an equating process.
  • It will be based on the percentile rule, which means that students who score the same percentile on all test forms will be rated the same.
  • Scores obtained in separate slots of the same percentile will be viewed as similar.
  • Students should be aware that the VITEEE cut-off does not apply to the requirement of qualifying marks required to pass the entrance exam.
  • VIT appoints a commission to decide on student acceptance and counseling.
  • This is an expert panel that will assess the VITEEE cutoff based on the number of applications submitted, the number of students who took the test, the number of seats available for each course, and the average performance of the students in the entrance examination.

VITEEE Cut Off 2020

Based on previous year counseling processes and review, VITEEE 2020 projected Cut Offs are listed below:

Branch  Closing ranks expected for Chennai Campus Closing ranks expected for Vellore Campus
Bioinformatics N/A 7500
Biomedical Engineering N/A 13000
Biotechnology N/A 13500
Civil Engineering 29000 14300
Computer Science and Eng. 33000 15000
Electronics and Communication Engineering 39000 15500
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 39000 16000
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering N/A 16500
Information Technology N/A 17000
Mechanical Engineering 39500 19000
Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering) N/A 20000
Mechanical (Spec. in Chemical process Engineering) N/A 23000
Mechanical (Spec. in Energy Engineering) N/A 25000
Production and Industrial Eng. N/A 27500

VITEEE Cut Off 2019

Branch Closing Rank
CSE (Specialization in Bioinformatics) 7500
Biomedical Engineering 13000
Biotechnology 13500
CE 14300
CS & Engg 15000
EC 15500
EE 16000
Electronics and Instrumentation Engg 16500
IT 17000
ME 19000
Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering) 20000
Mechanical (Spec. in Chemical process Eng.) 23000
Mechanical (Spec. in Energy Engineering) 25000
Production and Industrial Eng. 27500
ECE (Spec. Internet of Things and Sensor) 14800
CSE(Spec. in Information Security) 7500

VITEEE Cut Off 2018

Campus Name Branch of Engineering Cut-off by Rank (Round 1)
VIT University, Vellore B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 14500
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Automotive Engineering 12300
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering 19500
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (Bioinformatics) 13500
B.Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 15500
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering 53000
B.Tech. in Information technology 12000
B.Tech. in Production and Industrial Engineering 50000
B.Tech. in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 18500

VITEEE Cut Off 2017

Campus Name Branch of Engineering VITEEE 2017 Closing Rank
VIT University, Vellore Electronics and Communication Engineering 15500
Mechanical Engineering 19000
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 16000
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 16500
Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering) 20000
Mechanical (Spec. in Chemical process Engineering) 23000
Information technology 17000
Production and Industrial Eng. 27500
Comp. Science Eng. (Spec. in Information Security) 7500
Civil Engineering 29000
Electronics and Communication Engineering 39000
Computer Science and Engineering 33000
VIT University, Chennai Electrical and Electronics Engineering 39000
Mechanical Engineering 39500
Electronics and Computer Engineering 42000
Fashion Technology 55000

VITEEE Cut Off 2016 and 2015

Course Name Closing Rank (2016) Closing Rank (2015)
Computer Science & Engineering 7000 15000
Information Technology 12000 17000
Computer science and Eng. (Specialisation in Bioinformatics) 13500 7500
Biomedical Engineering 45000 13000
Biotechnology 20000 13500
Civil Engineering 35000 14300
Electronics & Communication Engineering 14500 15500
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 15500 16000
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 18500 16500
Mechanical Engineering 19500 19000
Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering) 12300 20000
Mechanical (Spec. in Energy Engineering) 20000 25000
Production and Industrial Engg 50000 27500
Chemical Engineering 19500
ECE (Spec. Internet of Things and Sensor) 14800

VITEEE 2021 Rank Predictor

Candidates taking the VITEEE in 2021 can use the VITEEE rank predictor to find out how they will do after the exam.

  • To use the rank predictor, candidates must include some basic information such as their category, VITEEE examination date, estimated grades, and 12th percentage marks.
  • The VITEEE 2021 rank predictor will include predictions on rank based on the information provided, as well as additional information such as colleges that approve admission under different ranks.
  • Along with the VITEEE 2021 result, the official rank is announced. Candidates should read the article below for more information on VITEEE Rank Predictor 2021.

How to Use the VITEEE Rank Predictor for 2021?

Candidates can learn how to use the VITEEE rank predictor 2021 by clicking here. Candidates must have reliable information to receive accurate rank predictions. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to use the VITEEE 2021 rank predictor :

  • Click here to go to the VITEEE Rank Predictor website. (After the exam, the connection will be active.)
  • Create an account for your Google or Facebook account. On the Rank Predictor tab, candidates can also register. There are a few more specifics that must be listed, such as the name, category, and so on.
  • Click on Predict rank and enter the expected marks as well as the percentage from the 12th board.
  • A predictive rank will be developed based on the information provided.
  • It should be remembered that the VITEEE 2021 rank predictor’s results will only be predictive.

VITEEE Rank Predictor 2021’s Advantages

With the aid of the VITEEE 2021 rank predictor, candidates can predict their rank after the test is completed. The rank predictor has the following advantages:

  • It aids in determining the candidates’ VITEEE rank and how well they are adapting to the campus and course.
  • Gives applicants a clear idea of what rank they might get and helps them to plan for the counseling process accordingly.
  • It will assist applicants in obtaining an awareness of courses and cut-off marks.

VITEEE Cut Off 2021 FAQs

Ques. What variables will be taken into account when deciding the cutoff?

Ans. The authorities would weigh factors such as the degree of exam complexity, the number of candidates who applied, the number of available seats, and previous year cutoff patterns when determining the cutoff.

Ques. Is the VITEEE Rating Predictor’s predicted rank accurate?

Ans. The VITEEE Rank Predictor’s projected ranks are only predictive and should not be taken as final. It simply gives you an idea of the possible rank.

Ques. What are the VITEEE participating institutes?

Ans. The VIT Campuses in Vellore, Chennai, Amravati, and Bhopal are among the VITEEE participants

Ques. What are the admissions requirements for VIT?

Ans. To have a better chance of entry, applicants must pass the entrance exam and obtain a score within the cutoff.

Ques. What is the value of knowing the cutoff ahead of time?

Ans. Candidates would be able to assess their chances of entry into the institute by understanding the cutoff ahead of time.

Ques. How can I check the VITEEE 2021 result?

Ans. To check VITEEE 2021 result, you need to visit https://admissionresults.vit.ac.in/viteee/ and log in using your credentials like Application No. and Password,

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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