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VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022: Marking Scheme, Important Topics, Books

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Content Curator | Updated On - Mar 4, 2022

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) has released the official VITEEE 2022 exam pattern. Candidates may now view how the entrance examination will be conducted through the VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022. The VITEEE Exam Pattern consists of details like test format, type of questions, duration of exam, marking scheme etc. Candidates can review the VITEEE Exam Pattern to ensure that they are well-prepared for the scheme. The entrance examination, however, will be administered as a computer-based test, according to the VITEEE exam pattern 2022. 

  • With respect to the revisions made to the VITEEE Exam Pattern last year, there will be a maximum of 80 questions in VITEEE 2022 that candidates can attempt in time limit of 90 minutes;
  • There will be no negative marking for wrong responses. The other changes made were that the highest number of questions from Maths/Biology would be 25, while the lowest number of questions from English will be 5;
  • In addition, a new segment, Aptitude was added in 2021. As a result of this, the entrance test will be divided into five sections being Chemistry, Physics, Biology/Mathematics, Aptitude and English.

VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022: Highlights 

Exam Particulars Details
Name of the Exam VITEEE Entrance Exam 2022
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Marks 125
Number of Questions 125
Type of Questions Multiple-Choice Questions
Language English
Marking Scheme +1 for a correct answer and no negative marking for an incorrect answer.
Mode of Examination Online Remote Proctored Examination (OPRE)

VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022: Question Paper 

Candidates who take the MPCEA in VITEEE (Mathematics/ Physics/ Chemistry/ English/Aptitude) in VITEEE are eligible for applying to all B.Tech Programmes. Candidates who take the BPCEA in VITEEE being (Biology/ Physics/ Chemistry/ English/ Aptitude) are only eligible to apply for the B.Tech – Bio Stream Degree Programs listed here:

  1. CSE with specialization in Bioinformatics- VIT Vellore;
  2. Bio-Engineering- VIT Bhopal;
  3. ECE with specialization in Biomedical Engineering Programmes- VIT Vellore
  4. Biotechnology- VIT Vellore

The structure and allied details with respect to the VITEEE Question Paper 2022 have been mentioned in detail below:

All questions will be of multiple choice and will be classified in the following sections:

  1. PART I- Biology/Mathematics (40 marks)
  2. PART II- Physics (35 marks)
  3. PART III- Chemistry (35 marks)
  4. PART IV- English (5 marks)
  5. PART V- Aptitude (10 marks)

VITEEE 2022 Exam Pattern 

The section-wise number of VITEEE 2022 questions and maximum marks are tabulated below:

Name of the Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks  Duration
Physics 25 25 Cumulative duration of 90 minutes
Chemistry 25 25
Mathematics/ Biology 25 25
Aptitude 3 3
English 2 3
Total 80 Questions 80 Questions 90 minutes

VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022: Marking Scheme 

Every question in every section of the VITEEE 2022 Examination will be of 1 mark and no marks will be deducted for incorrect answers as well as there shall be no negative marking in the examination. The table given below elaborates on the marking scheme:

Sections Number of Questions Marks per Questions Correct Answer
Mathematics 40 1 mark (40 marks) +1
Chemistry 35 1 mark (35 marks) + 1
Physics 35 1 mark (35 marks) + 1
Aptitude 10 1 mark (10 marks) + 1
English 5 1 mark (5 marks) + 1
Total 125 Questions 125 marks 125 marks

VITEEE 2022 Syllabus: Important Topics 

Given below in a tabulated format are all the important topics of VITEEE 2022 which preferably carry more weightage than the others:

Important Topics in Chemistry

The section comprises of 35 marks in total and questions are asked from the following topics:

Electrochemistry Biomolecules and Organic Nitrogen Compounds
Isomerism in Organic Compounds d,p and f block elements
Lipids, Carbohydrates and Amino Acids Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium
Solid State Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry Atomic Structure- d,p and f block elements
Ethers and Alcohols Carbonyl Compounds

Important Topics in Physics 

The section comprises of a total of 35 marks and questions being asked from the following topics:

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Induction
Current Electricity Semiconductor devices with their applications
Laws of Motion-Energy, Work and Power Properties of Matter
Dual nature of atomic physics and radiation Electrostatics
Nuclear Physics Optics

Important Topics in Biology

Candidates who have chosen BPCEA exam format will get a maximum of 25 questions from this section being from the following topics:

Human health and diseases Reproduction
Ecology, Biodiversity and Environment Human Physiology
Plant Physiology Biotechnology and its applications
Taxonomy Biochemistry
Evolution and Genetics Molecular Biology and Cell

Important Topics in Mathematics

Candidates opting for MPCEA will be provided with a maximum number of 40 questions to attempt from this section, being asked from the following topics:

Analytical Geometry with respect to two dimensions Differential Calculus
Analytical Geometry with respect to three dimensions Discrete Mathematics
Probability Distributions Differential Equations
Integral Calculus and its Applications Discrete Mathematics
Complex Numbers and Trigonometry Vector Algebra

Important Topics in Aptitude 

This is a newly added section in the VITEEE Exam 2022. This segment will mostly contain questions from Data Comprehension and Logical Thinking. A total of 3 questions will be asked from the said segment from the following topics, with regular practice one can easily master this section:

Clocks Directions
Syllogism Data Sufficiency
Calendars Directions
Coding-Decoding Number Series

Important Topics and structure layout in English

Questions total of 5 marks are asked from this section. Candidates must read the passage carefully and answer the questions. The passages generally consist of excerpts from articles, poems or dialogues and sometimes grammar. The same will be in MCQ format and candidates must choose the correct answer:

2 questions Pronunciation and Grammar
3 questions Reading Comprehension consists of a passage of 30-60 words/2-3 lines from a poem or even dialogues.

VITEEE 2022 Reference Books 

Given below are reference books subject wise which candidates can refer to during the preparation period:

VITEEE 2022 Chemistry Reference Books 

Name of the Book Author
Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Asis Kumar Ghosh, Vinod Kumar Ahluwalia
Organic Chemistry O.P Tandon
Handbook Chemistry: Key Notes Terms Definitions & Formulae Hansraj Modi

VITEEE 2022 Physics Reference Books 

Name of the Book Author
Concepts of Physics (Volume 1 & Volume 2) HC Verma
MCQ Question Bank D Mukherjee
Understanding Physics Series (All 5 books in the series) DC Pandey

VITEEE 2022 Biology Reference Books 

Name of the Book Author
Pradeep’s Biology Guide P.S. Dhami
S. Chand's Biology for Class XI P.S. Verma and B.P. Pandey

VITEEE 2022 Mathematics Reference Books 

Name of the Book Author
Complete Mathematics McGraw Hill
Objective Mathematics (Volume 1 & Volume 2) Arihant

VITEEE 2022 Mock Test Series 

Sample Papers are an excellent approach to improve your VITEEE 2022 preparation. VIT had made available VITEEE sample papers and mock tests for all test topics, including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English, Aptitude. Aside from that, the institute would also post the VITEEE 2022 Mock Test on its official website. 

While the VITEEE Sample Papers will provide candidates with an idea of the types of questions they may expect in the upcoming examination, mock tests will provide students with a feel for the actual exam. Aspirants will be able to enhance their time management abilities as well as speed and accuracy when taking the actual VITEEE entrance exam by solving papers on a regular basis.

VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022: Important Guidelines 

Candidates are required to go through these guidelines while taking the VITEEE 2022 Examination:


  • Every candidate will be given an allotted computer wherein the candidate’s details such as their name as well as their photograph will be displayed;
  • At the scheduled time, usually 10 minutes prior to the examination candidates are required to enter their username as instructed in VITEEE 2022 Hall Ticket;
  • Post entering the username and password the candidates must click on the “Sign-in” button;

VITEEE Reading Instructions-

  • The candidates are required to read the instructions carefully as it will entail all the exam-related information;
  • Followed by which, they are required to click on the “I’m ready to begin”.
  • Timer starts post clicking the ready button.

VITEEE Test Taking Process-

  • To move directly to a numbered question, the candidates are required to click on the question number on the question board located at the right of the screen;
  • Followed by clicking on any of the four options by clicking on the circle button situated next to the answers;
  • Candidates can alter the already selected answer by clicking on the circle of any other option. Candidates can cancel the response by clicking on the clear response option;
  • Candidates must click “Save and Next button” to save their answer; else, it will not be saved;
  • If a candidate has marked a response or review, the same response will be considered during the evaluation process;
  • The submit button will not appear until the end of the examination tenure. Post the Exam completion time, the system will automatically submit all the marked responses;
  • The name of the subject, total number of questions, questions answered as well as let unanswered will appear on the exam during display of exam summary;
  • Candidates must confirm the submission, by clicking on the ‘yes’ button.

VITEEE 2022 Timer-

  • Post the candidates click on the “I’m ready” button the timer depicting countdown will begin;
  • The countdown timer in the upper left corner of the screen, will display the amount of time left for each candidate;
  • When the countdown hits zero, the exam will automatically finish, there will be no requirement to submit the same.

VITEEE 2022 Navigation-

  • Sections of the question paper will be displayed on the screen’s top bar;
  • By clicking on the section name, the candidate can view the questions in that particular section;
  • Candidates will have the option of changing through the sections throughout the examination.

VITEEE Exam Pattern 2022: FAQs

Ques. Is there negative marking in VITEEE 2022?

Ans. No, there is no negative marking in VITEEE 2022. 1 will be awarded for every correct answer. Candidates have the option of attempting/answering all the questions.

Ques. Has the VITEEE 2022 paper pattern changed?

Ans. The VITEEE 2022 Paper Pattern will be released soon. But the VITEEE paper pattern was changed in the year 2021 with a total number of 125 questions that a candidate can answer in a duration of 90 minutes.

Ques. What is the duration of VITEEE 2022?

Ans. VITEEE 2022 is 90 minutes long with questions asked from 5 sections being Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, English and Aptitude.

Ques. Will I be allowed to carry a calculator to the VITEEE 2022 Entrance Examination?

Ans. No, you are not permitted to carry any type of calculator to the VITEEE 2022 Entrance Examination.

Ques. What kind of questions can I expect in VITEEE 2022?

Ans. You can expect Multiple Choice Questions or MCQ in the VITEEE 2022 Entrance Examination.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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