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Too much syllabus to cover within a short span of time is the main concern among the NEET 2022 aspirants. Candidates must follow a strict revision plan to crack the exam. NEET Books play an important role in the preparation of an aspirant. Choosing the right book and study material will decide whether a candidate may qualify for the entrance exam or not. The best books for NEET 2022 should be categorized into three different parts i.e NCERT, reference and previous year question banks. Studying all these books ensures that the basic concepts are cleared. However, it is recommended that NCERT is the best book for preparing for any competitive exam.

There are a couple of influencing factors, which need to be remembered by the students when choosing the best optimum books for the NEET 2022 exam. The factors are:

  • The chosen books should clear the fundamental concepts of the subjects
  • These books help the aspirants to provide strategies in solving question papers within a limited time frame.

This article will help you to choose the best books for preparing yourselves for the NEET 2022 exam.

NEET Best Books for Physics

The Physics section of the exam is moderate and lengthy sections consisting of 45 questions out of 180 questions. To score well in this section aspirants will need to first learn and understand the topics thoroughly along with the derivation of the formula. Below we have given a list of some important Physics NEET Preparation Books.

Books Name Author
Fundamental Physics Pradeep
Physics for NEET C.P. Singh
40 Days Physics for NEET S. B. Tripathi
Objective Physics DC Pandey
Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov
Cengage Physics Neet For Everyone C.P. Singh
Concepts of Physics H.C. Verma
DC Pandey Physics for NEET D C Pandey

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NEET Best Books for Chemistry

Chemistry is an important subject from the medical exam point of view. This is a very scoring and easy section in the exam. Candidates who studied the subject with the right strategy and with the best study material can get good marks in the exam. Below we have given a list of best NEET Preparation Books for Chemistry:-

Books Name Author
Physical Chemistry O.P. Tandon
Dinesh Chemistry Guide Dinesh
ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 Modern
Boyd for Organic Chemistry H.C. Verma
40 Days Chemistry for NEET Sudhanshu Thakur
Objective Chemistry R. K. Gupta
Organic Chemistry Morrison
Concise Inorganic Chemistry JD Lee

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NEET Best Books for Biology

The Biology section of the exam is consist of two parts i.e. Zoology and Botany. This section has the highest weightage in the exam with 90 questions consisting of 360 marks. Candidates must follow the right NEET Biology preparation plan along with the best books. The list of NEET Books for Biology is provided in the table below:-

Books Name Author
Objective Botany Ansari
Pradeep’s Publication Biology Pradeep’s Publication
GR Bathla publications for Biology GR Bathla
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET M.P Tyagi
Objective Biology by Dinesh Dinesh
Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2  Trueman
40 Days Biology for NEET S. Chakravarty

NEET Books NCERT 2022

It is recommended by the experts and teachers that NCERT books are the most important books if an aspirant is preparing for any competitive examination specifically for Chemistry sections. Some of the reasons why NCERT is necessary for NEET preparation are

  • The NCERT textbooks have been designed in a very clear, concise and easy to understand language. The conceptual parts of the books are also direct in an approach that makes it easier for candidates to understand the topics in the proper way.
  • Candidates preparing for the NEET paper will have a good understanding of chemistry, physics and biology subjects by going through them in an extensive way.
  • As the paper pattern of NEET has been designed followed by the NCERT books, sometimes direct questions have been asked in the examination from the NCERT books. 

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How to Select Right NEET Preparation Books?

  • To qualify the NEET exam, it is very important for candidates to have the right choice of books. Below we have given some factors which every aspirant should keep in their mind during the selection of the Best NEET books. 
  • Advice from teachers or seniors: Appearing candidates must take some advice from their teachers and seniors as they help them in selecting the right study material for the exam. They are aware of the current syllabus, the preparation level and the whole content which is important for the exams. Getting the right study tips from them will help the students in completing the syllabus at a specific time.
  • Books Content: Contents are very important for the preparation for the exams. The students should follow the guidelines related to the content. They can check the reviews of the top best books for NEET preparation. Aspirants can go through the books which have clear and crisp language and the whole content to understand. One more thing to keep in mind is the coverage of the syllabus in the book so that they can easily grasp the content in one go.
  • Edition: It is recommended that students may always consider the latest edition because the old edition contains an outdated syllabus. Hence having the latest edition can help you in getting the latest questions asked in the previous exams.
  • Practice Materials: Apart from the best books for NEET preparation, the candidates should do practice papers which are now available online and offline. It will help them to get an overview of the exam paper by practicing the contents present in the sample paper. 

NEET Best Books by Other Publications

Arihant NEET Books for Preparation

Being the leading book's publisher, Arihant is the most recommended book for competitive exams like NEET or JEE. Some of the important books for NEET Preparation by Arihant publications are given below.

Physics Chemistry Biology
33 Years Chapterwise Solutions NEET Physics 2021 33 Years Chapterwise Solutions NEET Chemistry 2021 33 Years Chapterwise Solutions NEET Biology 2021
40 Days Crash Course for NEET Physics 40 Days Crash Course for NEET Chemistry 40 Days Crash Course for NEET Biology

MTG NEET Books for Preparation

MTG is another set of publications which are considered by NEET candidates. Candidates can also consider these books if they have completed their preparation but want to solve more questions for the exam. Some of the important books for NEET Preparation by MTG publications are given below.

Physics Chemistry Biology
33 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions-Physics 2020 30 Days Crash Course for NEET Chemistry 33 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions-Biology 2020
26 Years AIIMS Chapterwise Solutions -Physics Assertion and Reason for Competitive Exams- Chemistry 30 Days Crash Course for NEET Biology

Books Recommended by NEET Toppers

Some of the Best NEET books that have been considered by two Toppers are.

Mrinal Kutteri (NEET 2021 AIR 1)

  • He strongly suggests aspirants prepare for the exam with NCERT books with NCERT Exemplar to be the major study material for NEET.
  • He said that the resources he followed in his preparation are almost the same in both NEET and Class 12, however, the strategies for the exam are different.
  • He suggested a study schedule should be a key element in the preparation.

Aman Kumar Tripathi ( NEET 2021 Rank 4)

  • Aman too said that he was focused mostly on NCERT books and its practice questions from the modules for physics and chemistry. 
  • He said that his study routine was based on the number of topics and subjects that must be covered each day.
  • He asked candidates to practice as mock tests and NEET previous year's papers before the exam.

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Importance of NEET books 2022

As NEET 2022 is the most competitive entrance examination in the country, therefore it is mandatory for aspirants to understand the significance of the best books for NEET 2022 preparations. Below are the following points which give a highlight the importance of the NEET preparations books:

  • With the help of NEET best books, candidates can strengthen NCERT concepts.
  • There will be 200 questions asked in the exam, out of which 50% will be asked on the lines of NCERT concepts. However, other NEET best books 2022 will help the candidates to understand the concepts in a wide way and help them to solve the remaining questions.
  • The NEET exam contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and by using the best books for NEET physics, chemistry and biology, aspirants can solve the MCQs within the three hours to the time limit.
  • Practicing the MCQs from the best books will help to enhance their preparation strategy, speed and accuracy level.
  • Also, all the experts and toppers also advise considering these NEET best books 2022, which will align their preparations.


Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for the NEET exam?

Ans. NEET 2022 eligibility criteria is given below:-

  • Candidates must have completed their 12th level of education.
  • They must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in their 12th.

Ques. What are the important topics of the NEET Physics Book?

Ans. Some of the topics from which several questions have been asked in the NEET examination are Electrodynamics, capacitance, current electricity, electromagnetic field, induction, electrostatics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, mechanics, and many more.

Ques. What are the important topics of the Chemistry NEET Preparation Books?

Ans. P-block, General Organic Chemistry-II, Alkyl Halide, Inorganic Chemistry-I, S-block, Coordination Compounds, Alcohol & Ether, Carbonyl Compounds, etc are some of the topics from which several questions have been asked in the NEET examination.

Ques. Which books are best for Biology NEET by toppers?

Ans. Some of the best neet books for Biology subject are

  • Biology by Trueman (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Objective Botany by Ansari.
  • Pradeep Guide on Biology.
  • G R Bathla publications for Biology.
  • Modern ABC of Biology for XI and XII of B B Arora, A K Sabharwal.
  • Exploring Biology of Vol 1 and 2 by Sanjay Sharma and Sudhakar Banerjee.

Ques. What are the important topics of the Botany NEET Preparation Books?

Ans. Biological Classification, Cell Division, Ecology, Genetics, Genetic Disorders, Kingdom Monera, Cell Biology, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, DNA Replication, Plant Anatomy, Plant Kingdom, Plant Morphology, etc are the sections that contain maximum marks in the NEET exam.

Ques. Are NCERT fingertips Biology enough for NEET?

Ans. NCERT books are recommended for Biology. In fact, candidates must thoroughly read the books as it is important because hardly sometimes the questions are from outside. If you go through the books thoroughly you will definitely score good marks in the examination.

Ques. What are the topics of Zoology which cover maximum marks in the NEET previous paper?

Ans. The topic area from which several questions have been asked in previous years' question papers are Animal Kingdom, Endocrine System, Biomolecules, Immune System, Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Human Health and Disease, Digestive System, Excretory System, Skeleton System, etc.

Ques. How to consider the best books for NEET Preparation?

Ans. Candidates must choose the best NEET books for their exam preparation based on some factors such as the contents of the books, latest edition, practice papers, previous year's question papers, etc.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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