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NTA has released the NEET 2022 Exam Pattern along with the information brochure. NEET 2022 exam pattern is same as previous year, with the exception that the duration has been extended by 20 minutes.

  • NEET mode of examination: NEET 2022 is an offline test that will contain 200 MCQ, out of which 180 questions have to be attempted. There will be internal choice in questions. Each question will carry 4 marks each. The mode of the exam will be pen and paper. First, the aspirants will get a rough booklet and then they will have to mark the code of the test booklet on the OMR sheet.
  • NEET Exam Total Marks: 720
  • NEET Syllabus: The NEET Syllabus 2022 covers the topics of Class XI and XII syllabus. Entire Syllabus is broadly divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany and Zoology). Syllabus has not been reduced.
  • Medium of NEET 2022 Question Paper: NEET 2022 will be conducted in 13 different languages. They are English, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Assamese, Hindi, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali.
  • Marking scheme of NEET 2022 Exam: Candidates will get +4 marks for every correct answer, and -1 marks for each wrong answer.
  • NEET Exam Duration: The candidates will get 3 hours 20 Mins time to attempt questions. For getting an idea about the questions, you can check NEET Sample Papers.

Detailed information related to the marking scheme, number of questions, exam mode, exam duration, question type, the language of paper etc. will be released by NTA. Candidates can get all the required information about the modified exam pattern from this article.

NEET Exam Pattern 2022

The table below includes the details of the NEET paper pattern 2022:-

Particulars Details
NEET Exam Date by NTA July 17th, 2022
Mode of the examination Offline
Frequency of exam Once a year
Duration of the examination 3 hours 20 mins
Type of Questions MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
Total Marks 720 marks
Total Number of Questions 200
Total Sections 2 sections namely A & B
No. of questions in each section
  • Section A = 35 
  • Section B = 15
Marking Scheme
  • + 4 for each correct answer
  • -1 for an incorrect answer
Negative Marking -1
Language English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu.

NEET 2022 Exam Pattern: Section wise Question Distribution

As per NEET Exam Pattern, all the sections will be divided into Section A and B. All questions from Section A will be compulsory while Section B will have 15 questions, out of which candidates will be required to attempt any 10. The aspirants have to answer a total of 180 questions.

According to the latest edition, the total marks and number of questions for each portion of the NEET exam are listed in the table below.

Subjects Section No. of questions Marks
Physics A 35 140
B 15 40
Chemistry A 35 140
B 15 40
Zoology A 35 140
B 15 40
Botany A 35 140
B 15 40

NEET 2022 Marking Scheme

To do well in the exam, medical students should familiarise themselves with the NEET Exam Pattern. The information provided here might assist them in learning crucial data about the NEET Exam Pattern 2022. 

  • 4 marks for each question.
  • For each wrong response, one mark is deducted.
  • If problems are left unanswered or unattempt, no marks are given.
  • If in any case, more than one choice is confirmed to be correct after challenging a key, all of the other multiple right options that are marked will be granted 4 marks.
  • If none of the options are found to be correct, or if a question is determined to be incorrect or dropped, all applicants who have attended will be given 4 points, regardless of whether the question was attempted or not.
  • It is not necessary to answer all the questions in NEET 2022. Unanswered questions do not receive a negative marking.
  • Multiple responses will be noted as incorrect and will result in a low score.

The marking scheme has been given in a simplified manner in the table below:

Subjects No. of Questions Marks
Correct answer Incorrect answer
Physics 45 +4 -1
Chemistry 45 +4 -1
Botany 45 +4 -1
Zoology 45 +4 -1

NEET 2022 Exam Pattern: Language Option

NEET question paper 2022 will be offered in 13 languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu. In all centers, candidates are allowed to choose between English, Hindi, and Urdu as their NEET 2022 medium. It is important to remember that the regional language chosen will be determined by the area of the NEET 2022 exam center

The option to use the medium of the NEET question paper 2022 must be selected when filling out the NEET application form.

  • Candidates cannot modify their minds after they have exercised their options during NEET form correction window.
  • Candidates who choose English will receive only an English-language NEET 2022 test booklet.
  • Students who choose Hindi will receive a Bilingual Test Booklet in both English and Hindi.
  • Candidates who choose regional languages will receive a Bilingual Test Booklet in both their chosen regional language and English.
  • The English version of the NEET question paper should be treated as definitive in the event of any misunderstanding in the translation of any of the questions. 

The table below shows the availability and option of local dialects in the NEET exam.

Subjects No. of Questions Marks
Correct answer Incorrect answer
Physics 45 +4 -1
Chemistry 45 +4 -1
Botany 45 +4 -1
Zoology 45 +4 -1

NEET Question Papers

Aspirants can download the NEET previous year question PDFs in the selected language from the table below:

Language NEET Paper Code NEET Question Paper with Solution
Gujarati M6 DOWNLOAD

NEET 2022 Syllabus With Weightage

Subject wise NEET 2022 Syllabus with weightage is mentioned below:

NEET 2022 Physics Syllabus

These topics will include both theoretical and application-based questions for candidates. The table below depicts the importance of each topic's weightage for NEET Physics Syllabus

NEET Physics 11th topics Weightage
Physical world and measurement 2%
Kinematics 3%
Laws of motion 3%
Work energy and power 4%
Motion of system of particles and rigid body 5%
Gravitation 2%
Properties of bulk matter 3%
Thermodynamics 9%
Oscillations and waves 3%
Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory 3%
NEET physics 12th topics  Weightage
Electrostatics 9%
Current electricity 8%
Magnetic theory of current and magnetism 5%
Electromagnetic induction and alternating current 8%
Electromagnetic waves 5%
Optics 10%
Dual nature of matter and radiation 6%
Atoms and nuclei 3%
Electronic devices 9%

NEET 2022 Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry is the second key subject in the NEET exam, with a segment of chemistry that is worth the same number of points as physics. It's a fascinating and high-scoring topic. The table below depicts the NEET Chemistry Syllabus with weightage:-

NEET Chemistry 11th Topics  Weightage
some basic concepts of chemistry 1%
structure of atom 2%
classification of elements and periodicity in properties 2%
chemical bonding and molecular structure 5%
states of matter 2%
thermodynamics 8%
equilibrium 6%
redox reactions 3%
hydrogen 2%
S- block elements 2%
some P- block elements 2%
organic chemistry- some basic principles and techniques 4%
hydrocarbons 3%
environmental chemistry 2%
NEET Chemistry 12th topics Weightage
Solid state 2%
Solutions 5%
Electrochemistry 2%
Chemical kinetics 3%
Surface chemistry 2%
General principles and processes of isolation of elements 2%
p- block elements 5%
d and f block elements 4%
Coordination compounds 9%
Haloalkanes and haloarenes 3%
alcohols, phenols, and ethers 4%
Aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids 4%
Organic compounds containing Nitrogen 2%
Biomolecules 3%
Polymeres 3%
Chemistry in everyday life 2%

NEET 2022 Biology Syllabus

Biology is not difficult to prepare for because the majority of the questions come directly from NCERT. Ecology, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Cell Structure & Function, Genetics & Evolution, and others are the most important chapters for NEET for biology. Check the below table for important topics from NEET Biology Syllabus

NEET Biology 11th Topics Weightage
Diversity in living world 14%
Structural organisation in animals and plants 5%
Cell structure and function 9%
Plant physiology 6%
Human physioogy 20%
NEET Biology 12th Topics Weightage
Reproduction 9%
Genetics and evolution 18%
Biology and human welfare 9%
Biotechnology and its applications 4%
Ecology and environment 6%

NEET Paper Analysis

As per the NEET Paper Analysis of previous years question papers, the aspirants should go through the section wise analysis along with NEET Important Topics:

Physics Paper Analysis

  • Mechanics is the most important portion in Physics and carries the most weight. 
  • Electrodynamics subjects will provide students with approximately 9 to 10 questions. 
  • The problem level of electrodynamics part might be improved this year, according to the projections of the NEET Exam sample 2019. 
  • The majority of the questions in this subject entail lengthy calculations.
  • Physics Chapters with the Highest Scores for NEET 2022 include 
  • Semiconductors
  • Kinematics
  • Electricity, and power 
  • Thermodynamics 
  • Heat
  • The motion of rotation
  • Magnetism and current energy
  • Movement legal guidelines
  • Electrostatics
  • Waves and Oscillation
  • Alternating Currents & Electromagnetic Induction
  • Optics

Chemistry Paper Analysis

  • Chemistry is a reasonably difficult subject in the NEET Exams, according to predicted analysis. In recent years, the variety of utility-based questions has widened. 
  • Organic Chemistry is more important than inorganic Chemistry in this year's NEET Examination question sample, as it has in previous years.
  • About 15-16 questions from organic chemistry will appear in NEET 2022 this year. 
  • Few questions requiring the application of concepts from other chapters are expected to occur this year, as they have in prior years. 
  • The following are the key chapters for the NEET 2022:
  • Equilibrium 
  • Electrochemistry
  • Molecular structure and chemical bonding 
  • Compounds of Coordination
  • Carboxylic Acids, Aldehydes, and Ketones
  • Kinetics of Chemical Reactions
  • Factors in the S, P, D, and F-Blocks
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Ethers, Phenols, and Alcohols
  • Atomic structure
  • A few basic concepts and tactics in inorganic chemistry

Biology Paper Analysis

  • There could be forty-six questions from zoology and forty-six questions from botany. 
  • An examination of the NEET Question papers pattern reveals that questions from elegances XI and XII are evenly distributed.
  • Human physiology is a very important topic with a maximum weightage. 
  • Genetics has also been a popular choice among NEETs, and it, along with Human Physiology, covers about 30 questions in the biology segment.
  • Cell Structure and Function is a topic that might receive a lot of attention in the NEET 2022.
  • The following are the NEET 2022 Biology Chapters with the highest projected scores:
  • Diversity in living world
  • Cell Structure and function
  • Human physiology
  • Reproduction
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Biology and human welfare

NEET 2022 OMR Sheet Filling Instructions

To avoid any hassle during the exam, aspirants should be informed of the requirements for filling out the NEET 2022 OMR sheet.

  • Answers must be written with a ballpoint pen given in the examination hall.
  • Change of answers on the OMR sheet is not permitted.
  • It is illegal to erase or remove any information printed on an OMR page.
  • Only the test booklet should be worked on in its entirety.
  • The exam booklet code must be written on the OMR sheet by the candidate.

Check NEET 2022 Answer Key

NEET Exam Pattern 2022: FAQs

Ques. What will be the total number of questions asked in NEET 2022?

Ans. The overall number of questions on the question paper is estimated to be 200, with 180 of them being relevant to the attempt. Each of the subject areas will be broken into three portions, with equal weighting for each subject.

Ques. Are there descriptive questions in NEET 2022?

 Ans. According to the NEET test pattern 2022, the exam will only consist of objective-type questions (MCQs).

Ques. Will I be provided with a translation of such questions in NEET 2022 if I am not able to comprehend a question?

Ans. If you have a problem understanding a question, a translated version of the question will not be offered. If a candidate chooses a medium other than English, he or she will receive a booklet for both the language of choice.

Ques. Is it required to pass each section of NEET 2022 separately?

Ans. For NEET 2022, there seems to be no sectional qualifying condition. When producing the NEET rank list, the overall grades will be taken into account.

Ques. Is there any negative marking for unanswered questions in NEET 2022?

Ans. There will be no loss of marks for questions unanswered in the NEET pattern 2022. Such questions will not be considered when assessing a candidate's total score.

Ques. What is the marking scheme for questions with two marked options in NEET 2022?

Ans. According to the NEET pattern 2022, a question in which two answers are marked where only one option is correct on the OMR sheet would be ruled incorrect. For such questions, one mark will be deducted.

Ques. Why is it vital to know the NEET exam pattern for 2022?

Ans. Understanding the NEET 2022 exam pattern during the early stages of preparation will undoubtedly enhance the standard of preparation for the admissions test.

Ques. What information is included in the NEET exam pattern 2022?

Ans. Authorities will provide the whole data about the sort of examination, mode of paper, venue, time, question type, official evaluation procedure, and more in the NEET 2022 exam pattern.

Ques. What is the NEET new exam pattern 2022?

Ans. According to the revised NEET new exam pattern 2022, every subject will be divided in two sections A and B. section A will consist of 35 questions and section B will consist of 15 questions. From section B, students will have to answer only 10 questions in each subject. So, the paper will comprise of total 200 questions, out of which students need to answer only 180 questions.

Ques. Is NEET 2022 tough?

Ans. As per the recent changes in the NEET 2022 exam, there will be 20 optional questions in NEET 2022 and students will also have extra 20 minutes to solve the paper. Because of these changes, students might find NEET 2022 easy. 

Ques. What is the Biology NEET Exam Pattern 2022?

Ans. Biology NEET Exam pattern is as follows:-

Mode of the Exam Offline
Total Time Duration 3 hours and 20 minutes
Number of Questions Zoology – 35 + 15 Botany – 35 + 15
Medium English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.
Marking Scheme +4 for each correct answer
-1 for an incorrect answer

Ques. Will NEET syllabus change in 2022?

Ans. No, according to Health Ministry, there will be no changes in NEET 2022 syllabus. 

Ques. Will NEET 2022 be postponed?

Ans. There is no update regarding the postponment of NEET 2022 exam. However, students are continuously demanding NEET 2022 to be postponed.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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