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NEET Mock Test helps aspirants to understand the exam pattern and important topics from the exam's perspective. The mock test also helps in evaluating preparation and time management for the NEET exam. Candidates appearing for NEET 2022 can access NTA's Mock test. In addition to official NEET practice examinations, the NTA now offers a chapter-by-chapter NEET question bank. The purpose of NEET Mock Test 2022 is to make you familiar with the layout or user interface of the exam.

NEET aspirants can access NTA's mock test from the official site of NTA - http://nta.ac.in . Aspirants have to go to the official website and click on the students' tab, from there you can get all the NEET Mock tests categorized based on the subjects. Check more details about the NEET Mock Test, as well as recommendations from toppers, and exam experts below.

NEET 2022 Official Mock Test by NTA

Aspirants can take the NEET 2022 Official Mock Test from the official website of NTA. Check the steps given below to access the NEET 2022 mock Test:

  • Step 1: Go to the Official Website of NTA- http://nta.ac.in. Click on the Students' tab.
  • Step 2: Once the tab opens, go to the Mock Test link.
  • Step 3: From the drop-down menu, choose the exam you want to take, such as NEET.
  • Step 4: Select the subjects you want to give the mock test for such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
  • Step 5: Select "Start Mock Test" from the drop-down menu.

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NEET Mock Test Procedure and Important Information

Below points shows the important information about the NEET MocK Test and their procedure:

  • Prepare well before taking the NEET mock test. Check NEET 2022 syllabus and all the topics thoroughly. 
  • The NTA NEET mock test is conducted via online mode, but the NEET exam will be a paper and pen exam. Therefore, the student should create a real exam-like environment while giving the mock test.
  • Candidates can select their chosen language when taking the online NTA practice test which includes English and Hindi.
  • A candidate taking a mock test should make sure they're seated in a quiet area so they won't be distracted during the practice test.
  • Keep a track of time while giving the mock test. Place an alarm clock close by so you can check the time.
  • Take the mock test with a fresh mind. When you're ready, go to the NTA's official website and take a NEET practice test.
  • Take a new OMR Sheet on which you can scribble your replies. Begin answering the questions and keep track of the correct answers.
  • When the timer on the online mock tests at NTA runs out, the mock exam will be automatically submitted. The candidates will receive their results as soon as the test is completed.
  • Carefully read all of the exam guidelines. You can continue once you've read all of the instructions; if you don't click, you won't be taken to another screen.
  • After you've entered all of your answers, you'll be asked whether you're sure you would like to submit the test, because once it's been submitted, no modifications can be made.
  • The results will then appear on the screen, along with all of the correct answers, incorrect responses, and unresolved questions.

While giving the mock test you will see boxes in different colors to the left of the test screen. These coloured boxes are used to display the status of the answers. The significance of each coloured boxes is explained in the table given below:

Color of the Button Status of the Question
Green The question is attempted
Red The question is not attempted
Grey The question is not visited yet
Purple The question is not attempted, but it is marked for review
Purple with Green Tick  The question is attempted and it is marked for review

How does the NTA Mock Test Helps in NEET Preparation?

NEET Mock Tests are essential in NEET 2022 preparation. Aspirants can improve their speed and accuracy in answering questions while taking the NEET Mock Test. The mock test gives a real exam experience to the students which boosts their confidence and preparation for the actual examination. Check below why the candidates should take a mock test before appearing for the NEET examination:

  • Mock tests, including sample papers, practice papers, and previous years NEET papers, play a vital part in successfully utilizing time and finishing the exam within the specified time limit. 
  • Candidates are recommended to solve NTA's NEET mock test using a timer to assess their level of performance and the amount of time spent on each question.
  • The NTA mock tests are aimed to improve candidates' speed and accuracy, which are both vital in achieving a better score.
  • Candidates can familiarize themselves with the actual exam pattern and prepare accordingly.
  • Candidates can learn about their strong topics and topics which need more dedication by taking more NEET mock tests.
  • Candidates can comprehend the level of difficulty of the NEET exam and prepare a solid strategy after assessing their progress in the examination by tackling NTA's NEET mock test.


Topper's and Exam Expert's Tips for NEET Preparation

Aspirants can familiarize themselves with the new exam pattern and have a better idea of their strengths and limitations by taking NEET mock exams. Candidates can assess their preparation and cover all the important topics properly. Candidates might rethink their study strategy and prepare for the NEET mock test based on their performance in the mock test. Below are Topper and Expert recommendations for how much time should be spent on practice tests and how proper planning might aid in NEET 2022 preparation.

  • Proper Understanding of the Syllabus: Candidates should be well aware of the NEET 2022 syllabus. Check the syllabus thoroughly so that any latest addition or removal from the NEET syllabus is not missed. Once the candidate has explored the syllabus he/she can strategically cover the syllabus. Focus on one topic at a time, once you excel at one topic then only move to another topic. Revise the covered syllabus 
  • Time Management: Time is regarded as a crucial limitation, therefore effectively managing time in NEET preparation can make a significant impact. Candidates can develop an effective time management plan for the three portions of NEET by attempting more mock examinations. NEET applicants should prevent repeating mistakes by taking practice tests. The mock test also increases confidence to perform well, according to Akanksha Singh, who scored AIR 2 in NEET 2021.
  • Obtain a better understanding of the exam pattern: Many toppers feel that by taking the mock test, the aspirants will get a better understanding of the newest exam pattern and the kind of questions that will be asked in the exam. Anand Nagarajan, one of the experts, gives his perspective - Test series, previous year's question paper, and mock exams, he claims, are essential for getting into the test mindset and thinking exactly how the questions would come in the exam.
  • Increases Candidate's Confidence: NEET hopefuls might gain a sense of pleasure by taking more mock examinations and reviewing past years' question papers, which helps to enhance their confidence. Candidates can ensure that they are on the correct track by taking additional mock examinations and improving their comprehension of the exam structure. Mock test helps in reducing exam anxiety and makes you confident and comfortable, says Aniruddha Das, NEET 2021 topper.
  • Developing accuracy: NEET hopefuls can enhance their accuracy and minimize the negative scoring in the exam by taking practice tests regularly. Giving additional mock exams and practice tests based on NEET will allow candidates to be familiar with the new pattern and seek ways to improve their NEET scores.

NEET Mock Test 2022 : FAQs

Question 1. Suggest some good practice or mock test for NEET 2022?

Answer. You can take the mock test for NEET 2022 from the NTA official site - http://nta.ac.in. In addition to official NEET practice examinations, the NTA now offers a chapter-by-chapter NEET question bank. 

Question 2. Do mock tests help in preparing for the NEET exam?

Answer. Yes, a mock test helps in the preparation for the exam. Candidates can develop a greater understanding of the latest exam pattern and questionnaire asked in the exam by taking additional mock exams. As technology advances, NEET applicants will be able to take more mock examinations available on many sites, and they will be able to access the test via computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Question 3. Is it possible to review my correct and incorrect answers after taking the NEET mock test?

Answer. Yes, you certainly can. Indeed, if you want to improve your preparation and focus on your weak areas, you should take more NEET examinations. The best method to prepare for NEET is by taking online NEET Mock Tests. On completing the Mock Test, you will receive quick feedback on the correct and incorrect answers. 

Question 4. How many mock tests will be enough to score well in the NEET 2022 exam?

Answer.  You may take any number of mock tests as you like, but applicants are advised to solve the previous year's papers at least 100 times before taking mock tests so that they may estimate the precision level of the fake test they are taking. Typically, coaching institutes provide 10 to 15 full-syllabus mock tests with discussion, which is sufficient to assess your weak and strong points. It is sufficient to take ten to fifteen mock tests.

Question 5. What should I do other than the mock tests to improve my performance?

Answer. You can take mock tests, along with sample papers, practice papers, and previous years' NEET papers, which will help in understanding exam patterns and questions asked in the examination. Pay attention to the time management in the preparation as well as during mock tests. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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