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NEET 2022 candidates can download and prepare from the NEET previous year question papers. NEET question papers is divided into four sections i.e Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Zoology. Each section is further divided into two sections i.e Section A & B. 

In section A, 35 questions are asked while in Section B 10 questions are asked out of which aspirants have to attempt 5 questions. Check NEET 2022 Exam Pattern

Candidates can attempt NEET Question Papers in 13 different languages which are English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

The advantage of solving and revising previous year’s NEET Question papers pdf is that one can get a better understanding of the types of questions along with the weightage that can be asked in NEET 2022. In this article, candidates can find the last 10 years of NEET question papers

NEET Previous Year Question Paper

Candidates can download the previous year NEET question paper PDFs from the tables below:-

NEET Question Papers 2021

NEET Question Paper 2021 Code Download Link
M1 Download
M2 Download
M3 Download
M4 Download
M5 Download
M6 Download
N1 Download
N2 Download
N3 Download
N4 Download
N5 Download
N6 Download
O1 Download
O2 Download
O3 Download
O4 Download
O5 Download
O6 Download
P1 Download
P2 Download
P3 Download
P4 Download
P5 Download
P6 Download

NEET Question Papers 2020

NEET 2020 Question Paper Code Download Link
E1 Download
E2 Download
E3 Download
E4 Download
E5 Download
E6 Download
F1 Download
F2 Download
F3 Download
F4 Download
F5 Download
F6 Download
G1 Download
G2 Download
G3 Download
G4 Download
G5 Download
G6 Download
H1 Download
H2 Download
H3 Download
H4 Download
H5 Download
H6 Download

NEET Question Papers 2019

Question Paper Paper Code Solutions
P1 to P6 P1 Download
P2 Download
Q1 to Q6 Q1 Download
Q2 Download
R1 to R6 R1 Download
S1 to S6 S1 Download
S2 Download
H1 & G1 H1 Download

NEET Question Papers 2018

Aakash Institute NEET 2018 Question paper solutions pdf are mentioned in the table below:-

Question Paper Paper Code Solutions
AA to FF AA Download
BB Download
CC Download
DD Download
EE Download
FF Download
GG to NN GG Download
HH Download
KK Download
LL Download
MM Download
NN Download
PP to SS PP Download
QQ Download
RR Download
SS Download
WW to ZZ WW Download
XX Download
YY Download
ZZ Download

NEET Question Papers 2017-2012

Year Question Paper Paper Code Solutions
2017 Question Paper – A/ B/ C/ D Code-A Download
Code-B Download
Code-C Download
Code-D Download
Question Paper – P/ Q/ R/ S Code-P Download
Code-Q Download
Code-R Download
Code-S Download
Question Paper – W/ X/ Y/ Z Code-W Download
Code-X Download
Code-Y Download
Code-Z Download
2016 NEET 2016 Phase I Code-A/ P/ W Download
Code- B/ Q/ X
Code-C/ R/ Y Download
Code-D/ S/ Z
NEET 2016 Phase II Code-AA Download
Code-XX Download
2015 NEET 2015 Phase I Code-A
NEET 2015 Phase II Code-E
2014 Question Paper Code-P Download
2013 Question Paper Code-W Download
2012 Question Paper Code-D Download

Benefits of solving Previous year NEET Question Papers

At the time of filling out the NEET Application Forms, applicants can select their preferred language among the eleven choices available for NEET question papers. Applicants can examine how prepared they are, and analyze the difficulty degree of the questions, question distribution, checking plan, and the total number of questions being asked in the paper by practicing NEET previous year question papers in advance. 

  • Get to know how prepared you are: Solving NEET question papers give candidates an idea of the overall examination and preparation. Allowing some time after attempting the full previous year’s question paper will assist them in recognizing their weaker side and even strengths.
  • Figure out how difficult it can be: In addition to honing your skills, you may focus on addressing sets with a high level of difficulty. It demonstrates how questions may be condensed and how difficult a few computations can be in determining which questions can be skipped.
  • Be clear about how questions will be distributed: Although questions from nearly all topics are asked in NEET, it is wiser to prepare for the NEET important topics and most asked topics subjects, which may have had considerable weightage in the previous two years.
  • Understand precisely what will be the marking scheme: The marking scheme is crucial in terms of how it will impact your overall score. When you finally figure out your scores, you see how you can improvise your rank by not selecting and attempting questions randomly or merely speculating, which can lead to a clear-cut deduction of 1 mark from your score if it turns out wrong. Check NEET Exam Pattern
  • Get smart, how should you manage your time: To adapt, you must address the most papers in 3 hours on an OMR sheet because it's difficult to sit straight for three hours counting along the time required for settlement and fulfilling mandatory formalities. Thus, solving and attempting the previous years' NEET question papers might help you with all of this.
  • So, here are the previous question papers as well as solutions so that the candidate can get a sense of the best way to move toward and attempt the same in the upcoming examination. 

NEET Question Papers 2022: FAQs 

Ques. What are the important topics to be covered? 

Ans. NEET aspirants must expect and focus on theory as well as the application-based questions from the topics like Thermodynamics, Current Electricity, Wave Optics, Ray Optics, Chemical Bonding, Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Organic Chemistry, Human Physiology, Biomolecules, Biological Classification, and Molecular Basis of Inheritance.

Ques. Are there any specific instructions to be followed while filling the OMR sheet?

Ans. The ballpoint pen provided in the exam hall should be used to mark answers. The test booklet code should be correctly filled on the OMR sheet by the examinee. Rough work should only be done by utilizing the space in the exam booklet itself. Modification in the answers should not be made on the OMR sheet, as erasing any data imprinted on the OMR sheet has its punishable consequences.

Ques. What is the subject-wise analysis of the NEET exam?

Ans. The most difficult subject to be considered in the NEET is physics. As the ample questions require lengthy computations, remembering all of the formulas is essential. Chemistry is seen as somewhat less difficult than physics and Its quantity of application-based questions has grown over time. Biology is considerably simpler than the other two because most of the questions are the same as in the NCERT, therefore it becomes necessary to focus more on it rather than reference books.

Ques. Is solving NEET previous question papers the most efficient technique to pass the NEET 2022 exam?

Ans. To pass the NEET 2022 Exam, you must create a schedule and stick to it. Along with solving NEET’s previous question papers, one can work on the following as well:

  • Examine the key topics from the NCERT book and prepare them well. 
  • Prepare notes for timely revision while studying. 
  • Take assistance from a NEET training center if needed.
  • Take mock tests as much as possible.

Ques. Are there any particular changes in NEET for examination 2022?

Ans. Indeed, there are changes such as an increase in the application fee, age restriction has been lifted, exam duration expansion, the inclusion of new exam cities, and exam pattern. 

Ques: What is the difficulty level of NEET question Paper?

Ans The difficulty level of paper depends upon its Preparation level. Last year the difficulty level was Moderate.

Ques: Does questions are repeated in the paper?

Ans Chances of repetition are quite low.

Ques: What are the languages of the NEET Question Paper?

Ans NEET question paper will be conducted in 11 languages- English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Oriya and Urdu

Ques: How many questions are normally asked from NCERT Books?

Ans On average 80-85% of questions are asked from the NCERT Books.

Ques: What is the per cent-wise distribution of questions in NEET Exam?


Subject Per cent-Wise Distribution
Physics 5%-10%
Chemistry 30%-40%
Biology 85%-95%

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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