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NEET 2019 was conducted on May 5, 2019. In 2019, NEET exam had replaced other medical entrance exams like JIPMER and AIIMS examinations to create a common exam for all the medical course aspirants in India. NEET question paper contains 180 objective-based questions, which includes three subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

NTA conducted the NEET 2019 exam in eleven different languages. This helped the diversified students in getting introduced to their regional languages. However, the NEET Exam Pattern remained the same as the previous year patterns. Applicants must try to solve the previous year's question papers to understand all the concepts easily and to know the exact blueprint of the examination paper before attempting the actual exam. 

NEET 2019 Question Papers Download

Below we have given the previous year question papers of NEET 2019 in different languages. Download the question paper and attempt it to get a more detailed analysis of the coming exam.

Language & Paper Code NEET Question Paper  NEET Answer Key
English/Hindi – P1 Download Now Download Now
English/Assamese – R5 Download Now Download Now
English/Bengali – P4 Download Now Download Now
English/Gujarati – P6 Download Now Download Now
English/Kannada – Q5 Download Now Download Now
English/Marathi – P6 Download Now Download Now
English/Odia – P6 Download Now Download Now
English/Tamil – P6 Download Now Download Now
English/Urdu – R6 Download Now Download Now
English/Telugu – Q5 Download Now Download Now

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Benefits of Attempting NEET 2019 Question Paper

To get more detailed information about the exam and the type of questions asked in the examination, previous year questions are the most important. The previous year's papers help students to know about the exam pattern and the syllabus of the exam. Some of the benefits of attempting the NEET 2019 question paper are 

  • After attempting the previous year's question papers, candidates will understand their preparation and their weakness to focus.
  • This helps students in terms of syllabus, exam pattern, important topics, time management, marking scheme, etc.
  • During the practice of the exam, candidates can note down the important topics for the exam.
  • This helps students in time management of the exam.

NEET 2019 Question Paper FAQs

Ques. Is the 2019 NEET paper easy?

Ans. According to Experts, the NEET 2019 question paper was quite easy as compared to previous year's papers. Those students who have appeared in the examination say that the biology section is time-consuming and other sections i.e., Physics and Chemistry were not lengthy but of moderate to difficult level.

Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for the NEET exam?

Ans. NEET eligibility criteria is given below.

  • Candidates must have completed their 12th level of education.
  • They have Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in 12th.

Ques. What are the important topics of the Physics paper in NEET 2019?

Ans. Some of the topics from which several questions have been asked in the NEET 2019 examination are Electrodynamics, capacitance, current electricity, electromagnetic field, induction, electrostatics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, mechanics, and many more.

Ques. What are the important topics of the Chemistry paper in NEET 2019?

Ans. P-block, Inorganic Chemistry-I, S-block, Coordination Compounds, General Organic Chemistry-II, Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether, Carbonyl Compounds, etc are some of the topics from which several questions have been asked in the 2019 NEET examination.

Ques. What are the important topics of the Botany section in the NEET 2019 paper?

Ans. Biological Classification, Kingdom Monera, Cell Biology, Cell Division, Ecology, Genetics, Genetic Disorders, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, DNA Replication, Plant Anatomy, Plant Kingdom, Plant Morphology, etc are the sections that contain maximum marks in NEET 2019 paper.

Ques. What are the topics of Zoology which cover maximum marks in the NEET 2019 paper?

Ans. The topic area from which several questions have been asked in the NEET 2019 question paper are Animal Kingdom, Biomolecules, Biotechnology, Human Health and Disease, Immune System, Human Physiology, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Excretory System, Skeleton System, etc.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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